Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wang Library Customer Snapshot

Customer Snapshot

Louise Archibald hails originally from Aberdeen in Scotland. She is an avid gardener, birdwatcher, bushwalking club member and enjoys classical and folk music.

She is also a keen environmentalist and here she is, next to an example of a weed in the Wallerawang district. It is the Cotoneaster - this species is the C.lacteus.

This woody shrub weed originated from China. It is a perennial , 2-4 metres tall, hardy, fast growing,fruit are numerous, in clusters of small berries (orange to red). Seeds are spread around by fruit-eating birds. Thickets under tall trees often displacing native plant species, ruining soil and allowing more weeds to infiltrate. In controlling woody weeds, grab a general gardening book from your nearest library and read the section on two methods, one being "Cut and paint" and the other "Stem injection". Or click on the following link from "Weeds of the Blue Mountains Bushland" on various control methods.

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