Saturday, August 1, 2009

Opening of Wallerawang Branch Library

The refurbished Wallerawang Branch Library was officially opened by MP Bob Debus on Tuesday 28th July 2009, thanks to the Regional and Local Community Infrastructure Program from the Federal Government,which completely refurbished the previous old branch library. The improvements will notably help the community enjoy a wonderful facility.

I would like to acknowledge and give appreciation to the following people and groups for their tireless efforts, time and input into the project - Danny Oldfield, Suzanne Lollback, Matthew Johnson, Maureen Breckell, Deb McGrath,Leanne Kearney, Ally Shelton, Gordon McKay, Cameron, Sue Neubeck, Sue Millmore , Robert Lindsay,Bruce Royall, Kay Shirt, Paul Trevalyn, Carol Rogers - all Lithgow Library Staff (Scotia,Noelene,Deborah,Carol,Sharon,Michelle),Wallerawang & Lithgow outdoor depot staff (especially Al & Jack) and council staff members.

Also thanks to the wonderful community of Wallerawang and those who attended the opening. Special mention to Judy, Louise, Leonie and Eunice.

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