Wednesday, September 30, 2009

"Fishy Tails" from Lake Wallace, Wallerawang

Australian Bass
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Dear Residents

Next time you take a dip into our wonderful Lake Wallace and feel something nibbling your toes!

It could be a hungry!!Australian Bass fish!!! Ahhhh...humans!!!!

Thanks to Wallerawang Central Acclimatisation Society (CAS), 6,000 Australian bass fry were released into Lake Wallace at Wallerawang.

For those who would love to fish,and want to know more about the sport, go into your library at Wallerawang, Portland or Lithgow and borrow a book or check up on the subject on our 1Hr free Internet PCs.

Taken from the Lithgow Mercury web site on Wed 30th Sept 2009

"New stock just for the anglers
29/09/2009 8:39:00 AM
Local Acclimatisation Societies from both Lithgow and Wallerawang were on hand to oversee a release of Australian bass in Lake Lyell and Lake Wallace.
The bass fry were delivered by Ben Doolan and Debra Ballagh from DPI NSW Fisheries.
The releases are just part of what is now an annual liberation of these Australian native fish in both of these local still-waters.
About 17,000 bass fry were stocked into Lyell and while only 6000 went into Wallace.
The Wallerawang Central Acclimatisation Society (CAS) is currently fundraising to cover the cost on another 6000 fry that are expected to be delivered within the next month.
These fish have been bought using DPI’s dollar for dollar scheme.
This is the second time the Wallerawang branch of CAS has purchased Australian bass fry for Wallace.
Previously in 2004 a single liberation of 6000 bass fry proved successful with juvenile bass being caught in each subsequent year.
Consequently it is hoped that after this second purchase DPI Fisheries will fund and continue the annual stocking of bass fry into Wallace as they do Lake Lyell.
What about the trout?
The DPI Fisheries will continue current stocking program of rainbow and brown trout into all local still-waters and rivers.
The inclusion of the Australian native bass into Lake Wallace is hoped to boost the Summer fishing opportunities at this location.
History and experience has shown this dam to be a much better Winter fishery, with Summer trout fishing being the domain of only the most ardent night time fly fisher.
The bass should flourish in the warm Summer water temperatures feeding enthusiastically on the abundance of available food sources in the dam.
Lake Wallace has long been recognised by both local and visiting anglers for its heavy conditioned, hard fighting (and hard to catch)trout.
Coexistence of the two species has proved to be quite sustainable in other dams (such as lake Lyell) and it is hoped that the bass will add another facet for the anglers options plus promote the continuation of visiting anglers to the region."

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