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"New Moon" - Book & Movie

New Moon - Stephenie Myer


 New Moon - Movie Trailer


'New Moon' by Stephenie Myer

Reading Group Questions

From Anna Limber,  for

  Please note if you havent read the story, the following questions below will give away some of the story.

  1. A “new moon” is the lunar phase when the moon is not visible to us. Why do you think the book is titled New Moon?
  2. Do you see any good that comes out of Edward leaving?
  3. Did Bella lead Jacob on? Was it selfish of her to continue the friendship when she knew their feelings for one another were not the same?
  4. Why do you think Bella is the one exception to the special abilities Edward, Aro, and Jane have? Why do Alice's and Jasper's abilities work on Bella?
  5. Do you think Jacob's hatred of Edward and the Cullens as vampires is justified, considering they don't hunt or hurt people?
  6. How would you vote on whether or not Bella should join the Cullens as a vampire? Why?
  7. Why does Edward insist on being married before he'll change Bella into a vampire?
  8. Why does Edward love Bella? What role does his fierce attraction to her scent play in his love for her? Do you think Edward's love for Bella would be different if she were a vampire since her blood would hold no attraction for him?
  9. Rate New Moon on a scale of 1 to 5."

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