Saturday, November 21, 2009

White Ribbon Day 25th Nov and the Orange Prize For Fiction 09

In 1999, the United Nations General Assembly declared November 25 the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (IDEVAW) and the White Ribbon has become the symbol for the day. So buy a white ribbon at your council or libraries and support this stand.

The issue of violence against women has come into public dicussion recently with pop star Rhianna and her boyfriend Chris Brown who had assaulted her.Women experiencing domestic violence are more likely to deal with the issues themselves rather than talk to family and friends and seek outside support, due to barriers such as fear, isolation, lack of support and shame.

So on the theme of women, I have chosen to bring up the Orange Prize for Fiction shortlist female writers. The eventual winner which was announced in London back on June 3rd 2009 was Marilynne Robinson who wrote "Home".

The Orange Prize for Fiction started in 1995 when publishers and journalist realised that there were few female prize winners in prestigious literary awards like the "Man Booker" Prize Awards and they set out to counteract that imbalance.

The shortlist of female authors for this year were:-

Scottsboro                                     Ellen Feldman
The Wilderness                              Samantha Harvey
The Invention of Everything Else     Samantha Hunt
Molly Fox's Birthday                        Deirdre Madden
Home                                            Marilynne Robinson - (winner)
Burnt Shadows                               Kamila Shamsie

I have placed the following book covers in a slide with music by Hoku and her song is called "Perfect Day"! Click on speaker icon on the slide to hear the music.

This song has a soft spot in my memories shared with my three daughters back in 2001. We had just seen the teen movie "Legally Blonde" at Coffs Harbour and had bought the CD which we played in our car and we all sang to the song as we drove up the Pacific Hwy with the windows down enjoying a  beautiful perfect day! My beautiful husband, Graeme was alive then (passed away heart attack at 50 in 2007) and he was so supportive and wonderful and chose to work back at home while we were enjoying summer holidays on the north coast. I miss him immenseley!

"Perfect Days" are few and far between but when we experience one with our family, friends , loved ones or by ourselves, we cherish those moments forever in our hearts and memories. 

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