Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day to Everyone and I hope you are enjoying your reading!

What are your Top 10 Fiction Love Stories?

"The English Patient", "Possession" and "The Notebook" are some of my favourite fiction love stories.

Here are also some great music on the theme of "Love".

Mosman Readers Blog (Mosman Library)& their Ning Network  have a wonderful section for Valentine's Day - Library Lovers Day on their site which asks their borrowers to fill out an online form as to why do they love their library. Library Lovers Day is a combined advocacy event organised by ALIA and PLA.

( I added a blog post on Mosman Readers Blog - have a peek at it here!! )

I spent the afternoon with my youngest daughter, Sinead and we watched the movie "Valentine's Day" at the Edge, Katoomba NSW on Valentine's Day!!! It was quite good, using a similar format as the movie "Love Actually". We give it , 8.5 hearts out of 10 !!!!

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