Friday, June 25, 2010

#rugame2010 - NSW State Library Online seminar in World of Warcraft

It has been a packed 2 day "feast of information and fun" at the NSW State Library. On Wed 23rd June 2010 the first part of the seminar was held at the Metcalfe, hearing wonderful diverse speakers on the topic of gaming and games in public libraries.

The second part of the conference on Thursday 24th June was held in the largest MMOG ( massively multiplayer online game ) in the world which is "World of Warcraft". Over 68 million players estimated to play this game which is a conservative figure given by one of the speakers on the Wednesday seminar which was Huon Longman, a PhD student from Queensland University of Technology who spoke of the value of online relationships in World of Warcraft (WoW).

Here is my WoW toon
and my character's name

Here is a screenshot
of participants at the online seminar


The above screenshot was taken by Liz Danforth
Occupation: Professional eclectic -- freelance writer, illustrator, librarian, and gaming advocate.
           Location: Tucson Arizona USA

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