Friday, August 27, 2010

I'm back at my favourite library, WALLERAWANG !!

Hi everyone out across this beautiful planet called "Earth". I have been away for 10 weeks . Have become 'homeless'! Have learnt about the good in people and the very deplorable actions of others.

I would like to thank 3 wonderful amazing people that helped me recently who wouldn't know me from "a bar of soap" but felt compelled to help me, on the side of the highway on my way to work. I have forgotten their names due to the medication that I take for my health condition but they know who they are. If it wasn't for their generous spirit and goodwill, my first day back at work would have been dismal.

On the subject of "homelessness" at least I have had different people open up their hearts and their houses to accommodate my daughter and myself. But placing it into perspective at least I have a roof over my head compared to at least 20 million  people in Pakistan that are suffering due to those enormous floods.

In the USA, there are libraries such as San Francisco Public Library that employ a full time social worker as well as the homeless themselves to help the 'homeless"

This picture is taken from VOA.
photo by Rhonda Miller

Perhaps this could become a common site at our major city public libraries due to the every growing problem of affordable housing in NSW. There are over 10,000 people in NSW on a waiting list for public housing. Sometimes these government departments are so busy that merely leaving your contact number a number of times on their emergency shelter number is of no use as it has been over a month and nobody has ever called back.

Accolades then to the San Francisco Public Library for tackling the enormous problem of the homeless.

In Australia there are some basic attempts at helping at a basic level of providing books to those in need:-

Could we do more in Australian Public Libraries? Yes we could but like everything else, you need funding or sponsorship!

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