Saturday, January 16, 2010

iGoogle Homepages

Great Googling

Date:Wednesday 3 February 2010
Time:10.00 AM to 12.00 PM
Venue:Meet in the Macquarie Street foyer
Cost:$15, bookings essential

Learn to set up your own igoogle page with newsfeeds, calendars and gadgets. Create your own gmail account and learn to use the advanced search features of google search. This course is for more advanced users.

This past week, NSW State Library Learning 2.1 course for public library staff covered Getting organised: customised homepages and Google tools .

Below, I have taken a screenshot of my iGoogle homepage. I have had lots of fun, customising my homepage. I also learnt for the first time how to take a screenshot of a web page (Homer Simpson would have said "DOH!" - My youngest 15yr old daughter Sinead commented - "Didnt you know that the PRTSC key was used for that purpose!""Silly Mum!!!!

But if you want the experts to teach you... pop into the NSW State Library for the course mentioned above this blog post.

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