Friday, March 27, 2009

International yearly visitors from Germany

  • Margaret and Horst Bluemel are yearly visitors from Germany who grace our region by taking up residence for two months at Wallerawang. They visit our library regularly while staying in town.
  • Margaret is a radio announcer in Cologne, Germany. The radio station is equivalent to our ABC National Radio.
  • It is not all holiday and rest for Margaret and her husband Horst (sound & film technician) as while they are here, Margaret conducts interviews for her show. This year she has interviewed author Helen Garner , and her latest novel "The Spare Room"( other work examples are The First Stone, True Stories, Monkey Grip,etc)down in Melbourne. At Sydney before the Mardi Gras parade, Margaret had the chance to interview politician Fred Nile. Previous years Margaret has interviewed author Thomas Keneally as well as David Malouf.

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